Top 10 Reasons Buyers Choose Cathy

1. Experience counts (especially in a volatile market)

Real estate is my passion. It’s what I love and what I've been doing successfully for over a decade. I can top-line my experience like this: I know the Fairfield County real estate market and I watch day-to-day market trends. I know Westport – I’ve lived and raised two children here for more than 12 years. I'm tireless on behalf of my clients. I'm committed to a fault (just ask my husband!). I understand the market data and I excel at negotiating. I take my responsibilities as a buyer’s agent seriously, which shows from my excellent track record.

2. You get the real deal

When you call me, you get me from our first meeting until you settle into your new Fairfield County home, and beyond. I am passionate about dealing directly with clients in all aspects of the buying process. And I am personally available to you; I thrive on that personal connection. When we work together you have immediate and constant access to me 24/7. By phone, e-mail or text message, you will get a quick response. It’s absolutely what you should expect from someone whom you are trusting to help youmake one of the most important purchases of your life. It’s my commitment to you.

3. I’m in with a great crowd

I have the ‘best of the best' behind me. I'm thrilled to be part of one of the most important changes in the Fairfield County real estate community – The Riverside Realty Group. These recognized leaders in the field have exceptional market knowledge and an advanced Internet presence, making use of the most up-to-date technological tools. I’ve dedicated an entire webpage to this innovative group, which you can read about by clicking The Riverside Realty Group.

4. I understand what you want

As your buyer’s agent, I listen to your needs and criteria but also ask questions to understand you deeper as well as spur your thinking. These questions might include how you live in your current home or whether or not you’ve sat in your living room for more than four hours in the past year. I may ask to visit your current home or see photos of it. I love a field trip! It gives tremendous perspective on what you really want.

5. Crystal clear communication

Forget that feeling of being left in the dark. I'll let you know what’s going on every step of the way. Wouldn’t you rather hear something from me even if it’s that I’ve heard nothing? No one likes being out of the loop, least of all me. So I make sure my buyers are constantly updated — what’s available, what’s selling, the hottest buys. I’m there beside you advising, informing and working to get you the best deal —mornings, evenings, weekdays or weekends. Yes, it is that simple.

6. The price is right for you

Negotiation is one of my favorite parts of my job, regardless of which side of the table I sit on. (I’m a Libra). I'm constantly prepared with real information to support my clients’ offers to purchase. Dealing with sellers can be stressful; I understand and respect that. I encourage buyers to put themselves in the seller’s position. Reasons people choose (or need) to sell can involve stressful life changes that are beyond their control, so presentation is key. Bullying does not work. I approach negotiations firmly but sensitively and it goes a long way.

As a buyer’s agent, my goal is consistent: to help clients locate the best property with the most long-term value at the best price and with the best possible terms and conditions. It’s never simply a sale. To me, it’s about building lifelong relationships – and trust. I may tell you I don’t believe your emotional first choice is the right one. You’ll hear my honest reservations. But convince me that this is what you want and I'll go to bat for you big time. My good relationships with sellers’ agents, inspectors and contractors allow me to get a complete understanding of a property's potential and the steps needed to improve its value. It’s an important, serious responsibility. I’m only too happy to share all that I have learned from my extensive personal experience with renovations.

7. I get technical so you don’t have to

When you’re thinking about buying a house, it’s exciting — almost romantic! Getting closer, and things become more complicated, can be a little scary. Negotiations, contracts, putting 10% down. Have I made a good choice? What is the right choice? Are we in over our heads? I know you don’t want (or need) to worry about the legalities and technicalities of a potential purchase. That’s where my knowledge and experience comes in. You will be informed of the process, step by step. I’m here to protect you to keep you out of a vulnerable situation. I treat each of my buyers' potential transactions exactly as if I were the buyer myself!

8. Staying ahead of the game

There are many steps to finding the right house. You're in good hands with me as your buyer's agent. Once I understand what you want (and I'm good at that!), I’m on a mission. It's my work and my passion to keep up-to-date by constantly studying the data, accessing and previewing all new listings, and scoping out inside information on potential new listings that meet your needs.

9. I know what you're going through

Personally moving last year renewed my empathy for my clients. Having been on your side of the fence, I know the stress and difficulty of moving. You need patience, compassion and understanding. Finding you a home may be my job, but making the transition smooth for you is my reward. As a bonus, I now have many new tips to smooth the move.

10. I'm easy to work with

Until this website was created, my success was built by just one tool: word of mouth. Highest marks from my clients and their referrals have been the biggest compliment to a job that I love and take very seriously. After working with me, my clients use and recommend me again and again. I look out for them and do my job well, above and beyond any expectations. I’m proud of that. This job is about each individual client and their unique situation. It is important to me to understand those needs, priorities, objectives, timing, and other meaningful factors. How do I do that? I listen. It’s the difference that ties all the other points on this page together. This job is about you and your unique situation.

No matter how experienced or knowledgeable you may be, if you partner with the wrong realtor the process falls apart. The first step to finding the right realtor is a face-to-face meeting. The chemistry has to be right. I am available to you whenever you are ready. There is never any obligation.